Illustration by Paul Gauguin

The question is should she tell him about it first thing when he comes in the door or should she wait a bit, after he’s taken off his jacket and maybe fixed himself something to drink, made himself more comfortable, because even if she doesn’t especially think of it as bad news she’s still pretty sure that’s the way he’s going to hear it. Of course it’s a touchy subject. She knows there’s still a lot of pain there for Donald, but on the other hand she can’t just not mention it because then it’d be like there was something to hide and there isn’t anything to hide really and what if he found out anyway? She’ll just tell him. Like, “Guess who I ran into today?” Whom. Or maybe she could just say, “Jane says hello,” and he’ll stop whatever he’s doing, taking off his jacket or fixing his drink, and want to know what the hell she’s talking about and she’ll explain to him because isn’t it the funniest thing how she happened to run into his ex-wife today at the store. The grocery store. Waiting in line at the post office. They both signaled the same cab and isn’t that funny? Because it is funny and nothing else. It’s just funny.

Originally published Winter 2015 in Pinball, Issue 6.

Read the rest here.


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