Green Scrubs

Illustration by Alessandro Gottardo

The first thing they ask after everything else is if you’d like to wear the green scrubs or the regular hospital gown with the ass hanging out. “Are you sure the green scrubs is what you want to wear?” they ask. “You’re sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable in a gown?” Even without green being your favorite color I’m sure you’d be most comfortable in the green scrubs. So do you. “Green scrubs,” you say, of course green scrubs, and then they take everything we’ve brought in with us and put it all in a large paper bag they say they’ll lock in a cupboard and we can have back when we leave. This is strange, we both agree, and even more strange when they then lock all the drawers and cupboards in your room, batten down the hatches like we are together a course of destruction, like size medium latex gloves are something worth protecting.

Originally published April 29, 2015 in Atlas & Alice, Issue 3.

Read the rest here.

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