Tonight I Found Empathy For Your Depression

Photograph by Neil Warburton

Tonight I found empathy for your depression. I was driving home to your apartment, referred to here as home because it’s you who’s reading this, only you, and empathy without intimacy is just sympathy. Driving home from the bar, which you know, called you from the bar and invited you to join me, ran into Sam and John there and they mentioned how long it’s been since they saw you and I said, “She’s at home, had a rough day, tired from work,” but really that’s just what you’d told me, because you and I both know what home, rough day, tired, really mean. Ran into Sam and John at the bar and called you, already knowing what you’d say but called you anyway because Sam and John wanted to see you, because it’d been so long since they saw you and because it’s not just me who wants you to come out and enjoy yourself, have a good time, but also Sam and John, and also others, too, I’m sure.

Originally aired October 29, 2015 on KBOO Community Radio.

Listen to it here.


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