A Terrible Experience From Which You Might Never Recover

Illustration by Emiliano Ponzi

Here’s you with the big brown eyes that I can even recognize with your back to me, walking out the door. We’ve been fighting, and you prefer to walk away before things are said that can’t be unsaid while I prefer to never go to bed angry, which is why I’m especially angry now that you’re walking out the door. It’s already almost ten and I wanted to get to bed early, which you know, have jury duty tomorrow so need to go to bed early to be well rested, tell you this and then for separate reasons we begin to fight, just arguing at first but then raised voices and especially from me as I begin to realize my restful night’s sleep disappearing the more we argue, then out-and-out fighting, then you walk out the door. Your dog is barking throughout, and has made it clear whose side he’ll be on should sides need to be chosen.

Originally published Spring 2016 in Quarter After Eight, Issue 22.

Available to purchase here.


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